The Prism: A Spectrum of Ability

  • America's Promise: Liberty and Justice for All?

    Did you know that we live in a world where every 30 seconds someone buys a selfie-stick on Amazon? In the current climate of me-focused culture and our “selfie” obsession, there is an inherent conflict between caring only for myself vs. caring for others.

  • My Journey at Galt

    I recently started working as an internal employee for Galt Foundation here in Portland and I’m so pleased at the idea of being able to offer other people the opportunity to benefit from Galt the way I did when I was a member of the field staff.

  • Why Employ Persons With Disabilities

    Increase Retention

    Employing more people with disabilities increases retention (decreases turnover). Not all companies are plagued by turnover woes

  • The Shadow of Success

    Did you know one of the wealthiest women in the world once thought that she was the biggest failure? She had been jobless, living in poverty, and her work had been rejected dozens of times.

  • Taking Care of You

    I spent this weekend with a hotel full of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors and one of the very important things I learned is “Self-Care.”

  • Can you honor MLK if your communities are not inclusive to all citizens?

    In the month of January, we take time to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. known most for his personal passion