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  • Recognizing American Diabetes Month This November 2021

    Recognizing American Diabetes Month This November

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Key Takeaways: Diabetes is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and every November, communities across the US seek to raise awareness and educate individuals about it for American Diabetes Month. Galt Foundation shines a light on this invisible disability by sharing information and resources about diabetes – a disability that over 7 million Americans are unknowingly living with today.

  • Making it Work: A Focus on Accessibility for Remote Workers

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Key Takeaways: For many individuals with disabilities, remote work comes with a lot of benefits. But accessibility can still be a concern. Keep reading to learn more about how to provide accommodations to those who need them, and ensure that remote workers are able to participate, collaborate, and communicate effectively.

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a national campaign that celebrates employees with disabilities and their contributions to the world of work, and encourages employers to adopt new policies and practices. In this blog, Galt Foundation shares ODEP’s theme for this year, as well as their ideas on how your organization can celebrate this important initiative.

  • 4 Tips on Searching for Remote Work if You Have a Disability

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Remote work has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many believe it is here to stay in certain industries. While remote work provides greater opportunities for individuals with disabilities, it can be hard to know where to start. Galt Foundation has come up with this guide to searching for remote work.

  • A Guide to Disclosing Your Disability to Employers

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    For individuals with disabilities, the decision to disclose a disability during the employment process is one of the most important decisions to make. With concerns about discrimination, it can be difficult to know if, when, or how to disclose your disability to an employer. Galt Foundation has come up with this guide to help individuals with disabilities navigate this process.

  • Get to Know Galt Foundation

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Wondering what it's like to work with Galt Foundation? Or how the hiring process works? In this blog post, learn more about who we are, what makes us different from other staffing agencies, and why we’re proud to be one of the world's largest employers of people with disabilities.

  • Important Notice: We’ve Updated Our Client and Field Staff Employee System

    Galt Foundation has upgraded our time entry, time approval, billing, and employee system.

  • Tips & Resources: Job Hunting as a Person with a Disability

    4-Minute Read


    Finding employment always comes with challenges. At Galt Foundation, we work to make the process easier – and can offer a few tips and resources, too. Keep reading for guidance on how to undertake a successful search for employment, plus some helpful links, all specifically tailored to job seekers with disabilities.


  • Leading By Example: The Department of Transportation’s Road to Inclusion

    5-Minute Read


    In the first installment of our “Leading by Example” blog series, Galt Foundation shines a spotlight on the Department of Transportation’s efforts to make public transportation more accessible for individuals with disabilities, and how this can positively impact employment.


  • Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Create a Healthy, Inclusive Workplace

    3-Minute Read


    Employees with mental health issues encompass a significant segment of the workforce – and perhaps your own workplace. Some staff may require accommodations to maintain their peak performance. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Galt Foundation gives an overview of how businesses can accommodate employees with mental health conditions.


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