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  • What's Different About Galt Foundation

    Reading time: 5 minutes


    It’s no secret that getting a job isn’t always a piece of cake. For people who find the employment process particularly challenging, including individuals with disabilities, staffing agencies can be a helpful service. The question is: Which agency is best for you? Here’s what sets Galt Foundation apart from the competition.

  • Find Job Fairs Near You – April 2022

    Reading time: 3 minutes


    Key Takeaways: Which job fairs are occurring in April? Job fairs are a great resource for job seekers. To make finding them easier, Galt Foundation compiles a list each month. Check out this blog to discover which job fairs are occurring in April.

  • Resume Tips for Individuals with Disabilities

    Reading time: 5 minutes


    No matter if you’re applying for your first job or your fiftieth, a polished resume is an essential part of the application process. A good resume is your chance to catch hiring managers’ attention, secure an interview, and get one step closer to acquiring the job. Galt Foundation offers resume tips for individuals with disabilities to help you stand out from the pack.

  • Tips to Help Manage Interruptions and Stay Organized for People with Disabilities

    Reading time: 5 minutes


    On top of standard life admin, people with disabilities can face additional interruptions such as medical appointments or necessary errands. As a temporary staffing agency for people with disabilities, Galt Foundation understands how difficult it can be to get back to work and regain focus after an interruption, which is why we created this guide on how to manage those interruptions and stay organized.

  • Post-it note reading "Start New Job!" over a Calendar.

    How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution of Finding a Job

    Read time: 7 minutes 


    As a temporary staffing agency, Galt Foundation can offer valuable advice about entering or reentering the workforce. To help job seekers achieve their new year’s resolution of finding a job, we’ve created this helpful resource.

  • Man taking online interview through his laptop.

    5 Helpful Interview Tips for Job Seekers

    Read time: 7 minutes 


    You've successfully navigated the job hunting process and have secured an interview. What's next? To help you reduce the job interview jitters and boost your chances of getting the job, Galt Foundation offers these five helpful interview tips.

  • Two NASA scientists review a laptop.

    Leading by Example: Diversity & Inclusion at NASA

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Job seekers with disabilities represent an untapped talent pool – one with unique attributes that can help companies achieve more success. The “Leading by Example” blog series seeks to provide inspiration and ideas for increasing diversity and inclusion in your own workplace. Here, Galt Foundation explores some of NASA’s initiatives for hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.

  • Recognizing American Diabetes Month This November 2021

    Recognizing American Diabetes Month This November

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Key Takeaways: Diabetes is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and every November, communities across the US seek to raise awareness and educate individuals about it for American Diabetes Month. Galt Foundation shines a light on this invisible disability by sharing information and resources about diabetes – a disability that over 7 million Americans are unknowingly living with today.

  • Making it Work: A Focus on Accessibility for Remote Workers

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    Key Takeaways: For many individuals with disabilities, remote work comes with a lot of benefits. But accessibility can still be a concern. Keep reading to learn more about how to provide accommodations to those who need them, and ensure that remote workers are able to participate, collaborate, and communicate effectively.

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021

    Read Time: 4 minutes


    October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a national campaign that celebrates employees with disabilities and their contributions to the world of work, and encourages employers to adopt new policies and practices. In this blog, Galt Foundation shares ODEP’s theme for this year, as well as their ideas on how your organization can celebrate this important initiative.

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