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  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness During the Holidays

    4-Minute Read


    With the holidays approaching, it is important to recognize that the festive season can be a stressful time for many people, especially this year. Employers need to support employees to ensure they stay mentally healthy this holiday season. To help, Galt Foundation provides five strategies for improving employees’ mental well-being at work, which will have positive effects on both your team and your organization.

  • How to Support Employees Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    How to Support Employees Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    4-Minute Read


    This September, Galt Foundation celebrated International Deaf Awareness Month. To honor the occasion, we are sharing various ways that companies can increase inclusivity and support employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. Employers can update their hiring practices and processes, enroll staff in diversity training, provide technical communication assistance and training, and enact updated safety measures.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act: Celebrating 30 Years of Progress Towards Access and Inclusion

    4-Minute Read


    Thirty years ago, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It was the first comprehensive civil rights law for people with disabilities. As we celebrate the ADA’s 30th anniversary this year, Galt Foundation examines the ADA’s history and the impacts that this legislation has had on the everyday lives of Americans with disabilities, including the protections it offers.

  • Celebrating 75 Years: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    3-Minute Read


    This year marks the 75th observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a national campaign that celebrates the contributions of employees with disabilities across America and reminds employers to adopt diverse and inclusive practices. The theme for 2020 is “Increasing Access and Opportunity,” and Galt Foundation looks at how this theme applies to our current work landscape.

  • US Election 2020: Voting Resources for People with Disabilities

    Voting Resources for People with Disabilities

    2-Minute Read


    To ensure people with disabilities have all the necessary information and details in order to cast a vote in the upcoming US presidential election on November 3rd, Galt Foundation has compiled a list of valuable resources for voters with disabilities.

  • Galt Foundation: Virtual Hiring Fair for Nursing - Register Now

    2-Minute Read


    We are hosting an online career fair, Galt Foundation: Virtual Hiring Fair for Nursing, on October 8th. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in Oklahoma are encouraged to register for this complimentary event, which will include exclusive information sessions with keynote speakers, engaging Q&As, opportunities for one-on-one virtual screening interviews, and prizes.

  • Meet Eileen: Adjusting to a New Reality

    5-Minute Read


    In the latest installment of Galt Foundation’s “Success Stories” series, we highlight the journey of Eileen, an avid runner who woke up one morning to find her legs mysteriously paralyzed. Eileen, who now works internally at Galt Foundation, shares her life experiences and offers advice for HR recruiters and for individuals who find themselves in situations that are similar to hers.


  • Meet Alexis: Building a Long-Term Career

    4-Minute Read


    Galt Foundation’s “Success Stories” blog series features past and present applicants and their journey with Galt. In this post, Alexis shares her story of working with a staffing agency for the first time and how Galt helped her build her confidence during the job application process and obtain long-term employment.


  • 4 Technologies for an Accessible Workplace

    3-Minute Read


    Galt Foundation discusses four accessibility technologies that organizations should consider for making their workplaces more inclusive for employees with disabilities: video conferencing, closed captioning, guided meditation apps, and assessment tools.

  • Meet Lydia: Surviving a Dark Storm

    4-minute read


    In the second of our "Success Stories," we learn about Lydia’s journey working with Galt Foundation. Through her story, we gain valuable insight into how Galt helped Lydia advance her education and career, despite her medical history. We also learn about the significant ways in which this experience differed when compared to another employment agency that she worked with previously.


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